Your Ideal Life is Closer Than You Think

Have you tried to improve your life before, but found that life kept getting in your way?

Maybe you tried to start eating healthier, but your friends and family kept offering you sweets, and tempting you by saying “C’mon, one little piece can’t hurt”.

Maybe you tried to get more sleep by going to bed a little earlier, but then things got really busy at work and you had to stay late, which meant that you got home too late to get to bed early. Or maybe you got lost in that black hole we call the internet…

“I’m too busy” is one of the most common excuses we tell ourselves for why we can’t improve our lives or reach our personal goals.

You’ve probably experienced this enough times to know that this will always happen if you try to squeeze something new into your already packed life. So does that mean you should give up?

Of course not!

The reason we keep failing is because we aren’t taking a look at what’s already in our lives and making room to bring new and better things in.

Take a good, close look at your life and try to figure out exactly what is making your life so busy. The things that are making you too busy, are they really so important? More important than the new habits you want to bring into your life? Are you creating this busyness in your life, or is it caused by other people?

Look for patterns. What types of things have consistently derailed your efforts to improve your life in the past?

We all think that everything in our lives is very important and that we can’t cut anything out to make ourselves less busy, but if you really look closely, I bet you’ll find that’s not really the case.

Be honest here. Don’t you have at least one friend you try to avoid but who keeps texting you? And maybe you hang out once in a while just to get her off your back, but you don’t enjoy it. And mostly her constant texting just annoys you.

Or do you sometimes find yourself doing favors for people you don’t want to do just because you feel bad saying no?

It’s ok to say no sometimes.

And do you sometimes do things you don’t really want to do just because you feel like you “should” or someone else told you that you “should”?

Always question that word “should”. It usually means you’re doing something not because you want to or because it’s something important to you. It means you’re doing something because someone else thinks it’s important.

Take a close look at your life and find the things that you are doing that you can stop doing in order to make room for the people and things that will make you most happy in life. Who are the people you don’t want in your life anymore? What frustrates you about your life and makes it more difficult.

Once you’ve figured out what’s preventing you from living your ideal life, take steps to remove those things from your life. Allow yourself the space to bring new and healthier habits into your life. Allow yourself the space to fit new people and more enjoyable activities into your life. Allow yourself the space to breathe and be happy.

What’s one thing you can thing you can stop doing today to give yourself more space for the good stuff? Let me know in the comments below.

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