Sacred Money Archetypes®

The Sacred Money Archetypes®, created by Kendall SummerHawk, is a personality framework that explains how each of us feels about and manages money.

There are 8 Archetypes, and each of us have some traits from all the Archetypes. However, your top 3 Archetypes are the ones that have the most influence in your life, especially your #1 Archetype.

Each Archetype has strengths and challenges, and by examining your top 3 archetypes and how they interact with each other and show up in your life, you can discover your unique strengths with money and how to overcome your challenges. You can discover your unique path to wealth. You have one, even if you think you don’t.

For years, I struggled with money, and I thought I always would because I just “wasn’t good with money”. After learning about my Sacred Money Archetypes®, that all changed. I finally paid off my debt and started saving money quickly.

Click the button below to take the Sacred Money Archetypes® Quiz to learn what your unique Sacred Money Archetypes® profile is. Make sure to answer each question honestly. Don’t answer the way you think you should or the way you wish you were. Your first instinct on how to answer is probably the right one. The quiz should take about 10 minutes.

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Sacred Money Archetypes® is a registered trademark of Heart of Success, Inc. and licensed by Heather Grace Hanson. Copyright 2019 Kendall SummerHawk.