Are you tired of working hard on your business, only to barely make a profit each month?

When you left the corporate world to start your own business, you might have been dreaming of working on your laptop at the beach, making lots of money along the way.

But in reality, it’s a lot more work than those entrepreneurs with photos working from the beach on Instagram would like you to believe. And success doesn’t happen so easily.

But it doesn't have to be quite so hard either.

You can be more successful with less difficulty if you build your business around your strengths and around what comes easiest to you.

Everyone has an easiest path to success and wealth. You just need to discover what yours is.

The Sacred Money Archetypes®, created by Kendall SummerHawk, will help you understand your unique money personality. It will help you understand how you can make, save, and manage money most easily.

As a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® coach, I can help you discover and understand your unique Sacred Money Archetypes® (SMA) profile. I can help you build or adjust your business to take advantage of your strengths and build wealth in ways that are easiest for you.


Hey I’m Heather,

I’m a life and business coach, and a certified Sacred Money Archetypes® coach. I’m also the Mom to the cutest little 12 year old, 8.5 lb Maltese pup you’ve ever seen.

I’ve spent years working for other people in the corporate world. Frequently working up to 80-hour weeks, putting my life on hold while I “focused on my career”.

While I did rise the ladder a bit in my career, the main result from working all those hours is that I majorly burned out multiple times over the years, and I missed out on a lot of life experiences I could have had in that time.

I finally decided that I needed to be in charge of when and how often I worked. It took me about 5 years though, before I was able to finally start my business. I held myself back for so long due to unconscious fears and negative, limiting beliefs. I started working on my mindset and my money blocks and was surprised at what a difference that made.

I always had excuses for why I couldn’t start my business quite yet. My website isn’t good enough. I need to create a bunch of blog posts and social media posts so they’re ready to publish over the next few months. I need to finish my coaching certification training first. I need to take this course and that one, and on and on…

It took me a long time to finally realize that my fears and limiting beliefs were really holding me back and causing me to do all those things that felt like the work of starting my business but were really keeping me from the important work.

However, one of those courses I took, really brought everything together for me. The Sacred Money Archetypes® by Kendall SummerHawk - when I discovered my Sacred Money Archetypes® profile it helped me figure out a few really important things about how I interact with money and what both my strengths and weaknesses are with both money and business.

When I started making changes with how I manage my money and approach my business, to align with the strengths of my top archetypes, that’s when I really started to make progress. It made such a difference in my life that I knew I had to teach it to others.

I took Kendall SummerHawk’s Sacred Money Archetypes® coach training program so that I can help you discover your unique Sacred Money Archetypes profile and find your easiest path to wealth and success with your business.

If you’d like to book a free Discovery Call with me, to discuss if booking a coaching package with me is the right move for you, click the button below to schedule your call.

I believe a coaching relationship only works if both the coach and the client are a good fit for each other. There’s no pressure to purchase a coaching package with me after your Discovery Call. I give my all to my clients, and in order to do that, there needs to be a positive flow of energy. The purpose of the Discover Call is to see if that energy is there.




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