Take Control of Your Money and Reclaim Your Freedom

Debt creeps up on the best of us. With the never-ending cycle of work, emails, and social media, it’s no wonder you can’t find the time to make a budget and actually stick to it.

And why the heck is budgeting so hard?!

No matter how hard you try to stick to your budget, something always seems to come up that you couldn’t have planned for, right?

That doesn’t have to mean you’re doomed to be poor your whole life though.

Even when Murphy is constantly knocking on your door, you can still succeed at your money goals by expecting the unexpected.

And I can help you do it.

I’m writing a guide on exactly how I budget and save money despite the fact that my budgets never go as planned.

It’ll help you create a simple budget that will help you make steady progress towards your money goals and teach you how to plan for the unexpected too.

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Hi, I’m Heather. I spent more than 8 years struggling to pay off my credit card and student loan debt. 

During those 8 years, I read every article I could find about how to pay off debt and reduce spending.

There’s a lot of great advice out there, but despite reading and trying to follow all of it, I still struggled.

I eventually realized that the reason I had such a hard time getting my finances under control was because the rest of my life was in chaos too.

I was stressed, sleep deprived, depressed, and feeding my body way too much sugar instead of the real food it desperately needed.

I realized that by designing my life around my values, it becomes much easier to fix the problems I had created in my life.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey as I continue to build my debt-free life and that it will inspire you to begin designing your own debt-free life!